Random connected graph with layered layout (aka sugiyama layout). refresh the page for another random sample. use themouse-wheel to zoom in/out and CTRL-Drag to pan the diagram. This type of graph layout is ideal to convey a flow or complex relationships. It applies to arbitrary graphs (also disconnected ones) and minimizes the link crossings.

    TypeViz.Diagramming.Graph.Utils._addShape = addShape;
    var graph = TypeViz.Diagramming.Graph.Utils.createRandomConnectedGraph(80,3);
    TypeViz.Diagramming.Graph.Utils.createDiagramFromGraph(diagram, graph);
    var settings = new TypeViz.Diagramming.LayoutSettings();
    settings.Type = TypeViz.Diagramming.LayoutTypes.LayeredLayout;
    settings.SubType = TypeViz.Diagramming.LayeredLayoutType.Down;
    settings.NodeDistance = 15;
    settings.VerticalSeparation = 25;
    settings.HorizontalSeparation = 15;
    settings.LayerSeparation = 35;
    diagram.Zoom = 0.2;